If you still want to get out and ride, but want that little bit of assisted power to help you up those hills and against those head winds, we have a large range of electric bikes for you. Electric bikes are the commuter bikes for the future, with increasing fuel costs, frustrating rush hour traffic jams and also if you're looking for a green, affordable way to travel then an electric bicycle may be for you.

Benefits Of Riding An Electric Bike.

  • Assistance with pedalling - allowing you to cover longer distances or carry heavy loads like shopping
  • Easier to ride uphill. Now that's got to be a plus!!
  • Pulling away from junctions is made safer as you can get up to speed more easily
  • Cost effective - no tax, insurance, MOT or congestion charges
  • Less time sat in traffic jams
  • Environmentally friendly - no emissions
  • Some electric bikes are foldable, for ease of use on public transport