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Buying a cycle computer is a must for all bike riders, to view your average speed, distance and even monitor your heart rate. It can also monitor your fitness or even just try and beat your time on the commute to work and back. Cycling is so much more fun when you have a computer on board. For those who want more maybe a GPS system is the product to purchase giving route guidance, altitude and even down loading the route for your weekend trip away. Whatever you need a bike computer is an essential for every bike.

Bicycle Computer

Bike Computers can vary in functions from the entry level 5 function to a wireless model. More advanced models can give features such as heart rate monitor for a good fitness guide. Wired or wireless Cadence computers can help improve your power and pedalling technique. GPS systems can down load and record routes and also give guidance when you maybe a little lost. As well as Altitude, Cadence and Heart Rate