Road Bikes

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Road bikes are designed in different ways to allow the rider to have many benefits from reduced weight, stiffer frames to gain more power and less rolling resistance to reduce drag. Most customers who purchase a Road Bike want that little bit extra, not just a bike, but a life style. Racing bike frames give a design that allow the rider to maintain the most aerodynamic position possible, reducing their profile and cutting down on wind resistance, along with putting them in a position to drive maximum power from their legs and hips through to the pedals.

Buying The Right Road Bike

Buying a Road Bike can be difficult decision with the amount of brands and choices available. Race Bike or Sportive Bike? Here at The Bicycle Lounge we can guide you through the whole process, from what model is best, to the correct size and fit. We have, in store, a ultra-modern Laser Fitting Machine to guarantee that correct fit which is everyone’s fear. Making the whole experience a pleasure. We also can offer a fitting guide and guidance for those customers who purchase bikes online.