Workshop Services

The Bicycle Lounge has full workshop and servicing facilities with qualified mechanics ready to take care of your bike. It is vitally important that you keep your bike well maintained to ensure it performs as it should and then your bike will perform better and last for years to come.
We offer a free first service with every bike purchased from The Bicycle Lounge, within a 3-6 month period.
Annual Service £35.00
Recommended every 9-12 months, depending on use.
  • Frame and Forks checked
  • Gears and Brakes checked for operation and adjusted
  • Chain checked and lubricated
  • Bottom bracket checked for movement and wear
  • Wheels and hubs checked for true and wear
  • Tyres checked for pressure and wear
  • Full safety check


Elite Service £100.00
Full strip down to frame and forks. Recommended every 12-18 months depending on use.
  • All threads cleaned and checked
  • Hubs disassembled, cleaned, inspected and re-greased
  • Headset removed cleaned, checked, re-greased and replaced if necessary
  • Bottom Bracket cleaned, checked, re-greased and replaced if necessary
  • All other components, checked for wear and greased or re-lubricated
  • New inner wires, brake & gear fitted. (Included in Elite Service charge)
    Includes Annual Service and full safety check
  •  All services exclude costs of parts. If any Service requires more work or parts than quoted, the customer will be called, before any further work is carried out.
  • If you are a little unsure what service is best for your bicycle please drop in or call one of our members of staff to advise.
  • Time scales of services will differ throughout the year. We will always advise how long the service will take when booked in. We will always aim to turn the service round ASAP.
  • Same Day Servicing – Here at The Bicycle Lounge we can carry out same day servicing. Please call or email to confirm a booking.
  • All services must be dropped off before 10.00am for same day servicing and will be ready to collect after 3.00pm (If the service is ready earlier, we will contact you)


General Servicing
*All prices do not include cost of parts.
Wheel/Tyres  Prices 
Tyre/Tube Fit (Wheel Only)                             £5.00
Tyre/Tube Fit (Wheel On Bike)                                                 £7.00

Tyre/Tube Fit (Rear Hub Gear/Brake) 

Wheel True From...  £12.00
Hub Service From...  £15.00 Per Wheel 
Wheel Rebuild From... 

£45.00 Per Wheel 



Gear System  Prices 
Gear Adjustment From...                                 £10.00 including lube 
Front & Rear Gear Adjustment  £18.00 including lube 
Chain Fitting  £8.00
Replace Gear Hanger From...  £20.00
Fit Cassette or Freewheel From...  £5.00
Fit Chainset From... £20.00
Fit Bottom Bracket From...  £20.00
Replace Jockey Wheels From...  £16.00
Full Cable Set Up (MTB) From...                                                £30.00 Also including brakes 
Full Cable Set Up (Road) From...  £40.00 Also including brakes 



Brake System       Prices
Brake Adjust From...                                                                    £8.00 Per Brake 
Fit Brake Pads From...  £8.00 Per Brake 
Disc Brake Bleed (Shimano/Hayes/Hope)          £20.00 Per Brake 
Fit New Brake Caliper or Canti From...  £15.00 Per Brake 
Fit Cable Set Up (Mtb) From...  £30.00 Also including gears  
Fit Cable Set Up (Road) From  £40.00 Also including gears 



Headset and Steering  Prices
Replace Internal Headset from...                      £25.00
Fit Forks and Headset from...  £45.00
Fit new handlebars (Road) from...  £25.00
Fit new handlebars (MTB) from...  £20.00
Fit Sti/Ergo Levers from...  £40.00
Fit MTB Gear Shifters from... £30.00
Fit MTB brake levers from... £18.00
Remove and fit handlebar tape from... £10.00
Remove and fit handlebar grips from...                                       £5.00
Fit stem from.... 




Accessory fitting  Prices 
Fit full mudguards from...                                                             £20.00
Fit Clip On Mudguards  £10.00
Fit Rear Pannier Rack from...  £15.00
Fit Saddle from...  £5.00


Bike Building Services and Charges  Prices
Build bike from frameset and also include body scanning fit    £200.00
Build bike from frameset with EPS, Di2 or Hydraulic Disc £175.00
Build bike from frameset  £125.00
Strip bicycle to frameset from...  £50.00
Build bike from box... £45.00