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Factor ONE Frameset Sterling Silver

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  • Brand:Factor Bikes
  • Model Year:2019

The new Factor ONE goes beyond aerodynamics to be the fastest aero road bike ever, not on paper or in the wind tunnel, but on the road. With the Twin Vane Evo downtube at its core, the new ONE has been designed for aerodynamic efficiency and maximum frame stiffness. Leading the peloton against the headwind, an all-out criterium or at a fast paceline through the rolling countryside, the new ONE is sure to deliver an exhilarating, fast ride.

Profiting from all the aerodynamic work to design the Factor SLiCK (time-trial/triathlon machine), Factor’s R&D team has translated that tube-shaping knowledge to road bike platform. Using the AG2R Pro-Tour approved geometry from the O2, the new ONE comes loaded with unique features.

The new Factor ONE features the same unique split down tube design seen on the previous frame design, also called the ONE, as well as direct mount brakes and common aero-frame features including aero-truncated tubing, internal cable routing and lowered seatstays.

Dubbed the ‘Twin Vane Evo’ down tube by Factor, the split down tube design channels air through the frame to improve aerodynamic performance, while retaining stiffness at the bottom bracket with a continuous structure from the down tube through to the chainstays.

At the front end of the bike, the ONE Total Integration System (OTIS) includes Wide Stance forks and a new steerer design, as well as an integrated aero handlebar and stem combination. The Wide Stance forks are constructed from bladed forks which aim to encourage air to flow, reduce aerodynamic resistance and increase stiffness.

The OTIS steerer is an external hinge rather than a traditional fork steerer, which runs inside the head tube. Factor claims this improves stiffness while sprinting and offers more precise handling, but a key benefit is handlebar stack adjustment and internal cable routing. There's no steerer tube to cut — or overcut — so setup is easier and long-term adjustability possible.

At the rear end of the frame, the lowered seatstays feature a similar Wide Stance design as the forks, which again allow air to flow through the bike and clearances for wider tyres.

The Factor ONE also comes with a proprietary, frame-specific seatpost that is available with 0mm or 25mm setback.

Factor ONE frames are only compatible with electronic drivetrains and will be available in seven sizes from 46 through to 61. Colour options include Crimson Red, Team Black – which features the light blue of sponsored team AG2R La Mondiale — and Sterling Silver.


  • Twin Vane Evo downtube
  • OTIS external steerer fork with wide stance legs
  • OTIS Evo aero barstem
  • All-internal cable routing
  • Wide stance airfoil seatstays
  • Clearance up to 28mm tyres
  • Electronic drivetrain only
  • Rim and Disc brake versions
  • 7 frame sizes

The new Factor ONE has been developed to be the fastest road bike ever. Not just on paper, but on the road. This is the result of extensive aerodynamic design work, structural manufacturing optimization for best power transfer and integration of components.

Buying Guide

All bikes when purchased come with a free set up, custom bike fit with our Body Scanning CRM laser fitting module & a free service when collected in-store. For more information on deciding the best fit if you cannot make it to our retail outlet then please use the following Bike Sizing Guide.

I had been looking at getting an aero road bike for some time prior to this purchase. There were a few other potential candidates to choose from but what stood out with the Factor was more to do with the company than the specific model. I like that they exclusively build their own frames, don’t hide that they are manufactured in Taiwan/China - in fact, celebrate the skill of their Far East workforce.

The frame took about 4/5 weeks for delivery, slightly earlier than what I expected. The box it came in was more cardboard display case than anything else, it almost seemed a shame to take it out.

The assembly instructions are all on the Factor website, I followed them to the letter and the whole process was painless. The frame was really well engineered (this is probably the 10th frame I’ve built up), a joy to work on and everything required was right there in the box. The one let down if you like was the Di2 battery holder. It looked like a Ritchey item designed for a round seat post, it was a real struggle to get it into the aero seat post and it looked like a bit of an afterthought. The rest of the Dura Ace Di2 build went really well, although I was in no rush doing this as it was in the depths of winter.
I built the bike up with a pair of Hunt 50 carbon wheels which were chosen on price more than anything. The wheels were shod with 28mm Conti 5000’s, picked to add comfort if the frame was lacking due to stiffness.
I got to ride the bike in February for the first time as the weather was unseasonably good. Wow! The bike is fast. The geometry is the same as the O2 I believe, the front of the bike I found to be not super aggressive, dare I say it almost comfortable. I had fitted all of the aero ‘headset’ spacers to start off with as they can be taken out or added without any re-cabling of the bike, due to them being of a two piece design. I have yet to fit the Factor bar tape so can’t comment on the quality or feel, as I have fitted some cheaper stuff until I go firm on my lever position.
The fit process carried out by Matt prior to the order being placed seems to be spot on. This is quite important when buying these integrated frames I believe.
I have only given the frame 3 stars for Value for Money as that is a very subjective issue. It’s a very high quality item for sure and I am very happy with it.

- 23/03/2019

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