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BKOOL Air Smart Trainer

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  • Brand:Bkool

The Bkool Air Smart Trainer is the only kind of its technology on the market featuring its unique Rocking system and weight measurement. There is nothing better than riding outside, when it’s just you and your bike, with rolling scenery passing by, making your ride amazing. But when winter and the rainy weather elements are holding you back, this trainer can give you that impressive realism and pedalling feeling that no other trainer can. The Smart air exclusive Rocking System, allows movement of the bike, so you can power out of the saddle when hitting those big gradients and feel like you are riding the hill as you would outside. The added Weight measurement element of the trainer will give you accurate analysis and resistance to your training so you can make epic progress towards your goals.

The very powerful 2000w trainer simulates up to leg pounding 20% gradients for hard core resistance. And to complete the experience, Bkool has included some of the most advanced simulator controls you could ask for. It gives you a choice of routes, weather, ride analysis, leagues, events and 3D multi-player training, for your very own TV screen at home. With the ANT+ and Bluetooth smart connection it’s never been so easy to bring you ride indoors. Overall, it’s a complete package for cycling enthusiasts, whether your training or not, its definitely a fun piece of kit. 


• The most advanced simulator controls the trainers resistance for a very real user experience
• Very powerful - simulates upto 20% gradients
• Accurate upto 2000 watts
• Built-in power meter. Measures the exact watts being generated by the cyclist
• Rocking System - Allows the bicycle to move slightly providing realistic pedaling
• Weight Measurement - Trainer has a built in scale allowing weight analysis and progression stats
• Wireless - ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart

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Skewer or thru axle

Which axle system does the smart air come supplied with.


Hi, the system is a Q/R Skewer only.

16/02/2018 Director